Don’t make people wrong for simply choosing not to work when they know it’s happier and healthier for them not to do so

The PM has began ’23 with a flourish of promises that he really will need to pull some extraordinary rabbits from the hat, if he is to have any chance of keeping them.

Yes, we really do need to hear that not just this brief selection, but that all of the problems this country is facing will be brought under control AND solved.

The problem Rishi has, is that there are too many factors that fall outside of his influence and the political establishment’s control.

The reality is that if he had wanted to solve the issues he’s focusing on, the end of March 2020 and the earliest stages of his response to the arrival of the Covid Pandemic was the best chance that he ever had.

That the Johnson, Truss and now Sunak Governments have missed every one of the opportunities they have had to deal with each and every one of the issues that have led to his speech today, isn’t because there is some grand plan and a set of solutions that will ultimately make everything right.

They’ve failed and keep failing because none of them should ever have held the responsibilities they have got. They and the many people getting rich and fat from advising them are completely out of touch with real life and have no idea what to do.

Talking about getting the inactive back to work demonstrates just how out of touch these people really are.

We do after all have a benefits system that provides a much better lifestyle to those who have the commitment to become fully and unquestionably dependent upon it, than can be afforded by an average income for those who do actually work.

Meanwhile, so many of the jobs the Government tells us have been created are not full time, are filled with costly pitfalls for the unwary, or require hours of work which mean choosing not to work as happy lives instead of those driven by money become the focus. People are now placing the real value upon time and doing the things which cost very little and make them genuinely happy, instead of always working. It’s a process that many more should and will follow and gives the cleverest people amongst us perhaps the very best lives they’ve ever had.

The people we have running the country could get everyone who can work, back to work and happy, if they were to use the power and the responsibility they have to flip the obsession that we have towards money, economics, greed and profit, and point everything back to putting people, humanity and the real environment around us all first.

Politicians cannot see it and don’t want to see it, but doing so would give up and coming generations the chance of freedom and happiness that they don’t even know they haven’t even had.


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